17 September 2013

Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition 2013 At Malaysia

2013 年国际烟花赛 · 布特拉再也 / 布城 · 第五区

International Fireworks Competition 2013 that hold at MALAYSIA, Putrajaya, Precinct 5.

Shedule of fireworks presentation for the participating countries :-

31/08/2013 00:00 Malaysia
31/08/2013 22:00 South Korea
13/09/2013 22:00 France
14/09/2013 22:00 China
15/09/2013 22:00 United States America
02/10/2013 22:00 United Arab Emirates (UAE)

I went to Putrajaya and watch the competition at last saturday, just free recently, along these two months we have a lots of festival, Muslim New Year Aidilfitri at 08 & 9th August 2013, follw by Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival from 8th August 2013 untill 4th September 2013, Qixi Festival at 13th August 2013, the 56th Anniversary of Malaysia Independence Day on 31st August 2013, Malaysia Day at 16th September, and coming soon this thursday we celebrate Mid Autumn Festival at 19th September, and JiuHuangYe Festival from 5th October 2013 till 13th October 2013.

The fireworks presentation along 25 minutes was start punctual at 10pm, it was a rainy night and not easy to shoot photos, but I still shoot some photos.

14/09/2013 夜 雨 - 人生路不熟,也想找个好位置架相机的三脚架,所以早早出发,但是八点多在途中就下起了倾盆大雨,十点正开始燃放烟花的时候还下着小雨,拍照时大家不只是顾着照相机,还要顾着手中的雨伞,大家都担心雨伞滴下来的水弄湿人自己或邻座的人或照相机。虽然下雨,但还是有很多人到来。

Seem this is a special effect for competition.

Seem it is just another special design for the competition, I'm far from the stage, I can't hear the theme music and the explaination for it.


Just look like nebula.

 This is still not an entire view of the fireworks presentation in the sky, I missed out the upper part. Honestly, the firework presentation is spectacular but my shooting skill is need to improve.

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