06 February 2013


贺年片 Chinese New Year's Greeting Cards

^ This type of design is so popular 20 years ago.
20 年前盛行的贺年卡款式。

^ Mainstream design, this type of CNY greeting card in red and gold color still very popular and good selling . 红色配金色的贺年卡很畅销,也是主流款式。

^ Typical greeting cards for businessman.

^ Bought from TESCO, greeting cards in shallow color.
在 TESCO 买的贺年卡,颜色比较清淡。

^ This one bought 2 years ago, Chinese Zodiac, The Year of Rabbit.

^ 10 years ago, the greeting card of Goat's Year.
^ Favorite design for students, and for friends and family too.

^ Greeting cards of The Strore supermarket.
^ The Store 环球购物中心赠送的贺年卡。

^ Greeting card in traditional and artistic design.

^ I Just bought this. 今年刚买的,应该是去年的设计,有 25% 折扣哦。

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